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Ecovolontariat au Costa Rica: Rapport mensuel

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Rapport mensuel à partir de 2013 (en anglais)

Conservation in Costa Rica Monthly Update – November-December 2013

Conservation in Costa Rica Monthly Update November-December 2013 Barra Honda has been involved not only in the first ever bat census in Central America, but also the first at a regional level within Costa Rica. This survey was part of a larger program called “Work Plans and Strategies for the Conservation of Bats in Central America”.

Conservation in Costa Rica Monthly Update – September-October 2013

This bird is one of our “flag species" in the park, and having saved a young baby last year, we are ready to start the project again.

Conservation in Costa Rica Monthly Update – July - August 2013

Before bringing you up to date on our ongoing work here in Costa Rica, I would like to provide some basic information on our project site. The Barra Honda National Park (PNBH) is located in the Canton of Nicoya, Guanacaste Province, about 22km northeast of the city of Nicoya.

Conservation in Costa Rica Monthly Update – February 2013

February was a month where we launched several new projects. For example the project started with a focus on birds, then we began working on the new biodigester. We also had the management plan for the fore-coming year to work on, along with visiting the wetland Corral de Piedra to take stock of the migratory birds.

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