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Ecovolontariat Thaïlande: Rapport mensuel

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Rapport mensuel à partir de 2009 (en anglais)

Conservation in Thailand - Monthly Update September 2009

Despite having our lowest ever number of volunteers (no more than 3 and down to 0 when Elliott decided to take some time off and travel to Singapore), September was one of the busiest month for staff.

Conservation in Thailand - Monthly Update August 2009

The month of August was action packed, with between 6 and 13 volunteers getting down and dirty in the local mangroves, lending helping hands at the Krabi Fisheries Department, bird watching at the beautiful Emerald Pool, helping clean up neighbouring beaches and diving locally and around Koh Phi Phi. Volunteers also undertook activities such as marine salvage, coral and fish surveying, and a buoy monitoring project.

Conservation in Thailand - Monthly Update January/March 2009

The beginning of the year has been very active here in AoNang with no less than 10 volunteers and up to 16! These volunteers were full of energy and imagination and have come up with a new tradition: everyone has to dress up (or down!) for a volunteer's last dive. It started with some pretty pink dresses and other outfits and we then had a random selection of animal hats, underwear and other Thai Boxing outfits!

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