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Ecovolontariat en Afrique du Sud /Botswana : Rapport mensuel

Descriptif mission Rapport mensuel

Legodimo Nature Reserve - December 2008

December was a month of enlightment concerning admin. With the input of some volunteers and teamwork, we've now basically perfected our data base and have made progress with the drawing up of a detailed map. The projection of data has now become a lot easier, so transferring information has become more manageable.

December also experienced a couple of set backs. On Christmas day, I broke my left clavicle (collarbone) and I now face 6-10weeks of intensive recovery.

December brings BABIES!! Most mammals with mummeries are parading around with their new offspring and showing us just how awesome they are. Things are still getting greener, but the Limpopo River has still not made an appearance.

We are also enlarging our family with a little puppy called Zen. He is a local pup and should make a welcome addition to Legodimo. He should be arriving in the New Year.

December was a short month, as everybody embarked on a much needed break.

We are all very hopeful and excited for 2009!!!!
All the best for the New Year!!!
Take care,

Gerrit Prinsloo
Conservation Director

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