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Projet reconstruction au Népal: Rapport mensuel

Descriptif mission Rapport mensuel
2016 |  2015

Rapport mensuel à partir de 2016 (en anglais)

Disaster Relief Report - July - 2016

In July, our volunteers and staff continued to work and build a classroom at Shree Phulchoki Primary School.

Rapport mensuel à partir de 2015 (en anglais)

Disaster Relief Report - September-October - 2015

Before we started the construction of the school blocks the ground level of the school had to be excavated to a specified height, which would allow for swelling and flooding during future monsoon periods. Volunteers worked hard to excavate and fill the clay soil to the required levels in preparation for the construction of the ground floor slabs.

Disaster Relief Report - August 2015

The paint was still drying as we bid a fond and emotional farewell to Sunrise School. Flags with inspirational messages lined the brand new classrooms, a spot of colour on an otherwise damp and dreary day.

Disaster Relief Report - July 2015

The completion of the brickwork for the school’s main building meant that the local workers could begin to apply the plywood partitions between the classrooms; this gave everybody a great sense of what the finished school would look like. With the walls of the classrooms being completed as well, we were able to begin painting and preparing the floor for the classrooms.

Disaster Relief Report - June 2015

The 1st week of the Disaster Relief Project in Nepal has started incredibly well. The initial feedback from volunteers, project partners and the local communities has been overwhelmingly positive. Everyone understands the importance of the project and realise that they are part of something really worthwhile.

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