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Ecovolontariat en Afrique du Sud /Botswana : Rapport mensuel

Descriptif mission Rapport mensuel
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Rapport mensuel à partir de 2016 (en anglais)

Conservation in Southern Africa - Monthly Update July - August 2016

Water is a valuable asset in Africa and for the rest of the world too. Water is everything in Africa and without it our wildlife will not survive the dry season between May and September. In our area we have several permanent and temporary sources of water.

Conservation in Southern Africa - Monthly Update May - June 2016

It has been an amazing two months. Our volunteers encountered a rare sighting of mating lions (Panthera leo) and at night we could hear their magnificent roar. While we were sleeping in our tents we experienced such a spectacular moment, we heard their roars close by and could feel it through our whole body. We also hope that in 110 days, lion cubs will be around and our volunteers and staff will have the pleasure of seeing them in the wild.

Conservation in Southern Africa - Monthly Update March - April 2016

The dry season is coming and the typical weather with it. Cold night and sunny day were such a pleasure after our really hot summer. We had an amazing sighting; two brother cheetahs (Acinonyx jubatus) have been spotted hunting together near the area where the female was spotted a month ago. We are hoping for the best for this rare, vulnerable and threatened species.

Conservation in Southern Africa - Monthly Update January - February 2016

Such an amazing beginning of the year, first week volunteers had the chance to see some mammal’s census, Leopards (Panthera pardus) and lions (Panthera leo). We are so happy to encounter more and more lions in the area (4 sightings in two months!). We also had the most elusive cat sighting with a female cheetah (Acinonyx jubatus). It was my first sighting of this rare animal in Wild at Tuli, such an unforgettable moment.

Rapport mensuel à partir de 2015 (en anglais)

Conservation in Southern Africa - Monthly Update November - December 2015

Lions (Panthera pardus) have been spotted several times on our property just before Christmas. We could not wish for a better gift. One female, a young male, 4 medium cubs and 2 beautiful golden male lions have been spotted chilling out around and eating a wildebeest.

Conservation in Southern Africa - Monthly Update September - October 2015

We had such an amazing discovery for our project; we got the first picture of an aardwark (Orycteropus afer) on our camera traps. The aardvark is a nocturnal, shy and difficult animal to see, his diet consists of termites and ants. Due to tracks and digging holes, we knew that they were on the property but we never had any pictures of them.

Conservation in Southern Africa - Monthly Update July - August 2015

During July and August we were lucky enough to spot hyenas (Crocuta crocuta) on a dead zebra (Equus quagga), a Cape porcupine (Hystrix africaeaustralis), African civet (Civettictis civetta), and bush-pigs (Potamochoerus larvatus) coming to eat the scraps from the kitchen.

Conservation in Southern Africa – Monthly Update May – June 2015

The winter is with us, welcome to the sunny days and cold evenings! The record at night during May and June has been -0.4°C! That really was a cold night. We all managed to survive with our warm clothes and steaming hot drinks around the fire from our boma (the area where we meet around the fire and watch the stars). But during the day the temperature easily reaches 30°C.

Conservation in Southern Africa - Monthly Update March - April 2015

Welcome to the March-April Botswana conservation update. The summer has been hot, and the rain has been rare. At the end of March, the vegetation in Wild at Tuli was very dry and there was no more grass on the ground. It was terrible; we were facing a new drought. Thankfully, April brought us some good weather and much-needed rain.

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